Hi Vancouver! We are Clean Wizards, your go-to for residential cleaning services. Preparing your home for a cleaning service might seem overwhelming, but we’re here to make it simple. Follow these steps to ensure our cleaning experts can perform their best work. Let’s dive in!


Tidy Up and Organize

Before our professional cleaning team arrives, take a moment to declutter and organize your space. This helps us clean more thoroughly and efficiently. Here’s how:

  • Put away loose items, toys, and personal belongings.
  • Clear off countertops, tables, and other surfaces.
  • Address any specific areas that need attention, like laundry or dishes.


Share Your Preferences

Communication is essential for a successful cleaning experience. Let us know your priorities so we can focus on what matters most to you. Consider telling us about:

  • Specific areas or rooms that need extra care.
  • Preferred cleaning products or tools (if different from ours).
  • Any allergies or sensitivities to certain cleaning products.

Safeguard Valuables and Pets

To ensure peace of mind and the safety of your pets, please:

  • Secure jewelry, valuables, and important documents.
  • Provide a safe and comfortable space for your pets away from our cleaning team.


Make Room for Cleaning

Help us clean efficiently by clearing pathways. This includes:

  • Moving small furniture items to give us full access to all areas.
  • Keeping walkways free from obstructions.


Prepare Your Preferred Supplies

Once you’ve completed these preparations, you can relax and let our skilled cleaning team work their magic. We take pride in delivering a spotless, fresh, and welcoming home to you.



We are dedicated to providing a clean and healthy living or working environment. By following these simple steps, you help us deliver even better results. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we aim to make your life easier and your space cleaner.

Interested in a cleaning service that exceeds in all these factors? Learn more about our Clean Wizard’s cleaning services!